Permanent exhibitions

Tuupala museum was opened to public in 1975.

The main building

The exhibition of the main buildng was renewed in winter season 1991-1992. At the same time home museum changed to house museum.

The interior of the building exhibt the life in the house when it was occupied by the Kainuulainen family between 1880 and 1960`s.

Kainulainen family lived in Tuupala since 1880`s. Father Petter Johan Kainulainen (1843-1892) worked for example as a trader, the owner of the guest hostelry and the iron works of the Saarikoski. After his death the lady of the house Helena Kainulainen (1852-1934) she did care of the economic and children. There were a lot of works. Children grew up, went to study and moved in different places. The son Uuno came back after studies and he worked as a manager of the Tuupala. After Helena`s death also daughter Lahja came back and worked as a postmaster. Both Uuno and Lahja were unmarried and they lived in Tuupala till death. Kuhmo municapility took some renters in between 1966-1972.

There is a large room, dining room, a kitchen, bedroom of the mistress and master, hallway with porch, shop and guest hostelry room in main building. Gentry were living in house and maids place were in the kitchen.

There have been four different shops in Tuupala. The first one was found in 1867 which was also first in Kuhmoniemi. The last shop, P.J.Kainulainen, ended in 1906. Museum`s shop describe well this last shop.

There has been guest hostelry with up to four rooms for a very long time. Usually there were two beds and a table with chair. With help of hostelry many guests got accommodation, some food and drink. There were also horses and one car. Guests were mainly officials like landowners. Guest hostelry ended after the beginning of the Winter War.

Little cottage

Little cottage has been decorated in 2005 to describe habititation of Tuupala workers. House`s farm workers were sleeping there and made hobby crafts in cottage. Bred was baked in oven where it could even fit seven bread same time. Milkmaid lived with his family in the bedroom. There were renters in little cottage till 1972.

Side building

Living room of the side building has been decorated with collage`s old objects. Living room was mainly meeting room. Post part of the side building has decorated as the old post office of the Kuhmo. Post office ended in the end of the 1950.