Owners and inhabitants

The oldest documents about Tuupala are from the late of the 17th century and beginning of the 18th century. The name of the Tuupala comes from the Tuupainen family which farmed the farm. In 18th century Tuupala was abandoned and it transferred to the crown.

Owners and residents

In the 1760s crowns farm get new owners called the Uhlbäck. They lived in Tuupala until 1824. They get also legal right to start own grinder to the Pajakkakoski beach in 1778.

After the Uhlbäcks the crowns farm moved to the new owners called Juho Koistinen and Liisa Huotari. In 1828 the right of the ownership was transferred to the second lieutenant called Fredrik August Ståhlberg who redeemed Tuupala as a heritage farm in 1934. Ståhlberg sold Tuupala farm in 1846 to his son Gustaf Fredrik Ståhlberg.

Years 1862-1884 the owners of the Tuupala were Juho and Sofia Haverinen, Matti Heikki and Aleksanteri Huotari, Matti and  Kaisa Niskanen, rural police chief Karl Johan Markkanen and trader Juho Kokkonen and trader Petter Johan Kainulainen. Kainulainen bought the farm in 1884.

Heyday of the Tuupala was between 1880-1920 when Helena ja Petter Johan Kainulainen lived there with their children. During that time there were for example a guest hostelry, pharmacy, few shop and post office. In addition there living the servants, 2-3 servant girls and 1-2 hired men.

After the death of Helena Kainulainen (1852-1934), there were living siblings, a manager Uuno Kainulainen (1875-1966) and a postmaster Lahja Kainulainen (1886-1964). In 1958 Uuno Kainulainen donated the old Tuupala, which included the main building, to the Kuhmo municipality. He and his sister still have the right of occupancy until both were death. It was Uuno Kainulainen`s wish that the farm would be a home museum.