The City of Literature Kuhmo revealed it’s logo

Kuhmo received recognition as a literary city of the UNESCO network of creative cities in late 2019.

The logo illustrates not only the kalevalian bird which gave birth to the world and its desire to fly high, but also the bird of the Kainuu region.

In the old days a giving duck settled on Ilmatar’s knees to nest just as boldly as curious and fearless Siberian jay, a soul in the shape of a bird, fluttered down to the fireplace by which the hunters sat to talk about ancient tales. Despite the arduous and severe circumstances, both are migratory birds and both appreciate their homeland.

The black ink pen of the logo recalls both Lönnrot’s collection labor of the kalevalian material during his many trips and all that vibrant artistic material written in the Kuhmo area, for which the city earned the worthy status of Unesco heritage.

Moreover, the recurring artistic style in the logo refers to several fundamental elements of the Kalevala stories. The logo depicts restless waves and bobbing boats on their top. The logo pictures both the scales of a big pike and the tree growth rings of the vast conifer forests of Kainuu.

The in colour logo shows three coloured forest-green like spruces, the well-known emblem of Kuhmo.

The fonts of the Kalevala logo have been designed uniquely for this context. Logo is created by graphic designer Mira Martikainen.

According to Unesco, logo is only used for non-commercial purposes. If one wants to use the logo, one must apply for the right to use it with a free-form application from the City of Kuhmo. The application must state which party is the applicant and in what context the logo is used. The application can be submitted to the city registry at under the title “Application UNESCO Literary City Logo”.

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