Kuhmo is known for its traditional baking – savoury pastries, bread, rönttönen lingonberry-and-potato pies, and kalakukko pies (fish baked in rye dough). It is recommended to taste these delicacies and take some home with you. You will find these products on sale in grocery stores and bakery shops.
As a souvenir, you can buy Saiputti – goat’s milk soap – produced in Kuhmo, which is available several shops.

Special Stores

  • Hyvärisen leipomo, bakery products, Leipurintie 22
  • Kaesan kotileipomo, bakery products, café, Kainuuntie 87
  • Anitan Kotileipomo, bakery products available in local grocery shops products to order, tel. 040- 754 4282
  • Villa Vanamo, wool and yarn shop, Kainuuntie 101
  • Silas Tonttukylä (Silas Christmas elf village, appointmet: +358 400373011/, Christmas products, Koljosentie 166
  • Pääkkönen&Piirainen, special store for hunters and anglers, fishing licences, Koulukatu 11
  • Rusasen Kulma, toys, cosmetics, decoration and handicraft materials, Kainuuntie 80
  • Ajankulma, watches, clocks, jewellery, novelties, eye glasses, trophies, Kainuuntie 87
  • Visitor Centre Petola, products related to Finnish predators, Lentiirantie 342
  • Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival Shop, festival shirts and products, CDs – during the festival
  • Kuhmo t-shirts, M-E-kuva,, +358445544850
  • Haus-Sport (outdoor clothing, dog supplies). Kainuuntie 101