Places of Interest

An occasional traveller may be surprised by the number of places of interest in Kuhmo.

The Kuhmo Arts Centre is worth a visit not only during its numerous interesting events, but also as a sight in itself. The staff at the Arts Centre is happy to show you around the premises, and especially the main concert hall, the Lentua Hall. The Kuhmo Arts Centre has been built to meet the needs of the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival’s artists and audience. The Lentua Hall never ceases to delight, both for first-timers and frequent visitors.
Juminkeko is an information centre for the epic Kalevala, displaying our oldest national tradition with the help of modern technology. Juminkeko hosts a range of exhibitions and has one of the world’s largest collections of various editions and translations of the epic Kalevala.
In the Tuupala Museum, one enters into an idyllic courtyard surrounded by the main building, courtyard lodge and granaries, which date back to the 19th century.
The Winter War Museum demonstrates the events of the Winter War in Kuhmo through various exhibits, photographs, miniature models and sound effects.
The Public Library,  Atalante, is situated on the riverside of Pajakkajoki. Its extensive collections, beautiful location and interesting architecture attract visitors and clients throughout the year.
The Visitor Centre Petola is a window to the boreal wilderness of Kainuu. Here, you can find information on the Finnish forest reindeer, bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. You will also get intriguing tips for outings and can buy originally designed souvenirs.