Observation of animals

Kuhmo is ideal for wild animal observation and photography. In the hide (room), you can observe and photograph.
Some species can be photographed without staying in a hide. At such time, photographing is done under the careful instruction of a guide.

  • WildLife Safaris, tel. +358400380878, +358505790947, Kivikiekintie 938, 88900 Kuhmo (Wildlife safaris Wildlife Photography & Watching,  base Camp Kuikka is near the Russian border. Coordinates: 64.109777, 30.40179)
  • Boreal Wildlife Centre, tel. + 358 400284069 , Viiksimontie 2991, 88900 KUHMO(Boreal Wildlife Centre providing wild animal observation and photography services.)
  • BearCentre, tel. +358 40 546 9008, Kostamustie 5644, 88930 Lentiira (Vartius)  (The company is located in the heart of a wilderness area in Vartius in region of Kuhmo, is specialising in bear, wolverine and wolf photography and watching )
  • Taiga Spirit, tel. +358 40 746 8243,Lentiirantie 4282, 88930 Lentiira, (explore the precious richness of Finnish taiga, observe, photograph and share special moments with European wild brown bear, wolverine, European elk and Finnish caribou, beaver and wolves).