Leisure Activities

Together with its northern neighbour, Suomussalmi, Kuhmo forms the Wild Taiga tourist region. The summer and winter seasons of Wild Taiga offer a variety of choices, both for independent explorations and for participating in organised activities.

There are numerous opportunities for active and adventurous pastimes, both in summer and winter. In winter, one can take pleasure in well-maintained ski tracts, ice fishing, extensive snow-mobile routes, husky safaries and nature tours  and the shimmering aurora borealis.

In summer, both visitors and local people are drawn to fishing, hunting and picking nature’s offerings. Those with an adventurous spirit may try shooting the rapids by rafting on a long, multi-oared “church boat”, or by body-rafting, i.e. floating without any vehicle.

You can participate wilderness trips,  to photograph or just enjoy spectacular wildlife.