In the Nature

Over the course of millennia the natural landscapes of Kuhmo have been shaped into a diverse mosaic. There are countless bogs and mires, and the silvery waters of lakes, rivers, brooks and ponds glimmer between gentle-sloped hills of the infinite taiga.

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The natural diversity in Kuhmo is related to the area’s geographical location in the transitional zone between southern and northern forest tracts. The predominant features of the landscape are attributed to the mighty taiga, the eastern coniferous forest zone. The taiga presents itself both in the flora and fauna. For example, Kuhmo is one of the few habitats of the rare Finnish forest reindeer, and naturally, all large carnivores of the country are part of the town’s fauna. The most authentic natural landscapes are found in numerous nature reserves, with the most notable being the Friendship Park, consisting of five separate areas, which is part of a Finnish–Russian joint Friendship Nature Reserve. The Russian part consists of one continuous area, the Kostomuksha Nature Reserve, in the Republic of Karelia.

The Kuhmo taiga is a source of magnificent experiences throughout the year, and it is easily accessible thanks to a varied and extensive hiking route network.

You will find detailed and up-to-date information about the natural surroundings and outdoor activities in Kuhmo and the entire province of Kainuu in the map service.