Kuhmo is a great place for anglers, offering diverse fishing waters with numerous rapids and lakes. It is no wonder that Kuhmo is considered a fisherman’s paradise. You will find more detailed information about fishing sites and licences on the web-sites Fisheries in Kainuu, Finland and Rapids of Kuhmo (Kuhmon kosket).


Kuhmo is famous for its rapids, with over 100 of them. In the very centre of the town runs the River Pajakkajoki with its rapids Pajakkakoski, the longest free-flowing rapids in Kainuu. Pajakka is an important migrant river and a rich fishery.
Kuhmo has invested in fishing by improving the rapids channels and launching new fishing events. In spring, there is a fishing event called Hankikorri-viikot, and in summer, there is Kalahässäkkä.


In Kuhmo, you will find large wilderness waters for trolling, which is allowed in the entire Kuhmo region with one fishing licence. Imposing unregulated lakes, such as Iivantiira, Lentua, Änätti, Kellojärvi and Lammasjärvi attract trolling fishers, and the regulated Lake Ontojärvi also provides fine fishing waters.The lakes in Kuhmo are rich with fish. There are several landing stages and docks by the lakes.

Organised tours

You will find organised fishing trips on, among others, the Wild Taiga traveller’s information site.

Syväjärvi Recreational Fishing Area

Lake Syväjärvi is a two-pooled clear forest lake situated about 20 kilometres from Kuhmo town centre (address: Pohjoispuolentie 1940). Both ends of the lake are deep, with steeply rising banks. The landscape is dominated by dry pine heaths and a high Syväjärvensärkkä ridge, rising up on the northern side of the lake. Easily accessible, a 6-km-long footpath encircles the lake, with several resting places with shelters and spots for camp fires.
Stocked with catch-sized rainbow trout, the lake offers rewarding fishing experiences throughout the year. Syväjärvi is also an excellent fishing and hiking ground for families and groups. There is also accommodation available in the area: camping ground for tents and camper vans, and cabins for hire (cabin reservations at Lomarengas). For reservations of a boats, saunas and camper van pitches, please contact Matti Kyllönen, tel. +358 40 7012144.