Cultural Life

Our wilderness town is a flourishing oasis of culture. Without boasting, we are pleased to tell people about the unique and strong “Spirit of Kuhmo”, which has become a widely known phenomenon associated with the annual Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival.

The final weeks of July turn Kuhmo into an international meeting place. Kuhmo is a stronghold for the national epic Kalevala, which owes much to Kuhmo’s location as a neighbour of Viena (or White Sea) Karelia, the epic’s native grounds. Juminkeko offers abundant illustrative information on Karelian culture and the epic Kalevala.
The Kuhmo Arts Centre is a versatile cultural centre housing a wide range of science, arts and entertainment events, attracting not only local townspeople but also culture lovers from all over. The Kuhmo Town Library is renowned for its modern architecture.
The library building, situated on the bank of the River Pajakkajoki, attracts a lot of visitors. The Kuhmo townspeople are eager users of library services, and the library is known for its good collections and service.