Kuhmo offers a wide range of cultural activities and events throughout the year. The main venue for events is the nationally renowned Kuhmo Arts Centre, which hosts some 250 events annually.

The Ethno Music Festival Sommelo is organised yearly at the turn of June–July.  The festival offers a lot of events – from music courses to informative seminars and concerts.

The Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival dates back to 1970. In July, you can listen to the masters of chamber music from all over the world playing in Kuhmo at the festival’s concerts.

As a counterpart to these international events, traditions and customs are also vividly present in modern Kuhmo, with the epic Kalevala very much part of the local cultural scene. One can learn about the folklore related with Kalevala in the Juminkeko building that offers, for example, several exhibitions each year.